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A conservatory is a cost effective and enjoyable way to add light and space to your home. And - because most domestic conservatories are exempt from mainstream Building Regulations and Planning permissions - they can be bought and installed with the minimum of fuss.

Conservatories come in many different shapes, styles and finishes and we can help you choose one that complements both your home and garden beautifully.

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Styles of Conservatory

Choosing the style of a conservatory can be daunting as you are spoilt for choice with an almost infinite range of designs available, which can be customised to your specific requirements, however with professional guidance this task can be made a very straight forward exercise.

We aim by listening very carefully to what you are trying to achieve, taking into account the technical issues the site presents to us, and being mindful of the budget available come up with the design solution, which delivers the best result for the property.

As part of this process we endeavour to draw to your attention all the options, which you may not be aware of not having the depth of knowledge & experience we have of our industry. We would not shy from advising you if we felt what was being proposed was not appropriate or fit for purpose as your interests are at the heart of what we do as the ultimate aim is to have a satisfied customer.


Sun Lounge Style

The Sun Lounge style often described as a ‘Lean-To’ was the first glazed home extension built as much as a green house as extra living space from the 1960’s onward at a very affordable price usually in timber or horticultural aluminium.

A style that in its simplest form is not as popular today as tastes have changed and conservatories have improved in choice, however it still offers a very cost effective solution.

Worth considering in a modern contemporary design format using bi-folding doors and different roof configurations such as hips & facets this type of building has come back into vogue in the guise of minimalist architecturally styled glazed extensions.

A traditional Sun Lounge

Example Sun Lounge conservatory shapes


A Victorian style conservatory

Victorian Style Conservatory (3 Facet)

The lines of this conservatory are immediately softened by introducing angled facets to the corners making it much more interesting to the eye and a nod to a more traditional appearance.

The trade off of course for this feature that must be borne in mind is the loss of useable floor area which is the compromise. For this reason it lends itself to a larger footprint and it is therefore not recommended that this style be less than 3.6m x 3.6m in size.

One way to have the angled feature without too much loss of floor area is to ‘stretch’ the centre section to 3 or 4 panels.

Although a brick base wall is most peoples preference a contemporary twist is to go ‘glass to ground’ as seen in the image above.

Example Victorian conservatory shapes (with 3 facets)


Victorian Style Conservatory (5 Facet)

If curves are your style, then this multi-faceted design gives a unique look with virtually no limit to the number of sides that can be incorporated forming a virtual semi-circle.

The geometry permits much larger spans of up to 6m wide unsupported.

A Victorian style conservatory

Example Victorian conservatory shapes (with 5 facets)


An Edwardian style conservatory

Edwardian style conservatory

This style of conservatory has proved to be the most practical solution offering the maximum floor space combined with a traditional roof layout to create that ‘lofty’ sense of openness which is so appealing.

Positioning the doors to the side is always preferable as in most cases this links perfectly to a dedicated patio area without having to take away more garden in front of the building reducing the need for additional landscaping. It also provides the benefit of allowing more options for positioning furniture not having to clear a pathway to the doors.

This design delivers the best return for the money spent in terms of extra living space.

Example Edwardian shaped conservatory


Gable Front

This simple heritage style was the original design seen from the 1800’s onward to display plant collections.

The gable front offers the opportunity to individualise the design with unlimited permutations of form from very traditional to clean & contemporary for a modern lifestyle.

A Gable Front conservatory

Example Gable Front shaped conservatory and gable designs


A P-shaped Conservatory

P, T and L-shaped Conservatories

Gain two rooms for one with a 'P', 'T' or 'L'-shaped conservatory!

Usually designed to span between 7m to 12m wide with a minimum projection of 2.5m increasing up to 5m this creates two clearly defined living spaces such as sitting room plus breakfast room making it very versatile able to change its use with family needs over time.

This type of conservatory can transform the character of a building being a large architectural form so the shape often reflects the styling of the property it is attached to.

Example P, L and a T-shaped conservatories


Hipped Back

A design solution typically used on bungalows or chalet type property employing a box gutter assembly to overcome the low roof line, as the conservatory roof is configured in such a way that it effectively creates a ‘freestanding’ unsupported single span structure.

This style of conservatory therefore lends itself to larger projects such as swimming pool covers or leisure buildings which with the addition of a structural portal frame can be used for commercial scale projects.

As in this image sometimes it is just about enjoying the impressive vaulted glass roof formed by this type of construction rather than any technical requirements of the property.

A Hipped Back Conservatory

Example Hipped back conservatory shapes


An Orangery style conservatory

Orangery Style

This latest innovation has been designed to create the appearance of a traditionally built Orangery internally, but using a conventional conservatory roof construction externally.

This solution offers the Orangery style at significantly less cost than a full blown Orangery extension with its traditional building methods.

It may be cheating but it looks great!


  • Moulded GRP Fascia Detail
  • Integral Gutter Assembly
  • Perimeter Ceiling
  • Integrated Down Lighters

Conservatory Repairs

We offer a fast response repair service for all types of conservatories. You do not need to of bought the item from us, this service is for everyone!

Our repair service includes:

  • Misty and Foggy UPVC units
  • Cracked Glass
  • Broken or Loose Handles
  • Damaged Hinges and Locks
  • Stiff and Sticky Window and Door Adjustments
  • Leaky Frames

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